Over the years meetings, incentives, conventions and events have become more and more important to Albpach, a rent a village by xnet® member since 2006. Therefore the Congress Center Alpbach will be extented by an addintional meeting space of approximately 1’000 m2. The foundations stone ceremony was held in August on occasion of the 70th European Forum. This international conference in the “most beautiful village of Austria” is attended by approximately 4’500 politicians, scientists and scholarship students every year.

Up until now the Congress Center was mainly booked during low season on 160 days in average. “It is a very important touristic contributing factor for the village and the region”, says mayor Markus Bischofer. One of six guests in Alpbach are attending a meeting, incentive, convention or event.

The new wing will offer a plenary room of 415 m2 and three break out rooms of 90 m2. The two storey underground parking will offer up to 120 lots for cars. The investment of € 10,5 Mio. will provide a new effective surface of 1’800m2. The extended Congress Center Alpbach will be finished by summer 2016.

We are looking forward to more extraordinary rent a village by xnet® conventions and events in Alpbach soon!

For more information about the extension click www.congressalpbach.com.