Our concept is more than just beautiful villages with their lovely landscape and good infrastructure. It’s the people and personalities we work with who make our events so unique. With the following short interview we would like to introduce a very special person to you today – “Husky Toni”.

Impressive and emotional group experiences
Toni Kuttner, known as „Husky Toni” offers unforgettable husky experiences in Vorarlberg. His head office including his very own husky camp is based in the Brandnertal Valley. This special activity programme is an excellent choice for Christmas parties, teambuilding, motivational trainings or manager seminars. And the best thing about it: You can book these programmes summer and winter.

Snow hiking with huskies
Husky-drawn sleigh rides
Sledge dog school
In summer or if there is not enough snow these programmes can take place without snow hiking equipment and instead of sledges training cars and dog scooters can be used.

The interview

xnet:  Toni, how come you turned your hobby into your profession 17 years ago (in 2000)?

Toni:  I was seven years old when I was diagnosed with leukaemia. I had always wanted a dog and when I was in hospital my mother gave me a book about different breeds of dogs. When I saw a picture of a husky with his blue eyes I couldn’t stop thinking about this dog. Thanks to my sister‘s bone marrow donation I recovered. Actually I was the first boy in Europe at that time who had survived that illness.

xnet:  A very touching story. But how come you work with Huskies today?

Toni: I’m simply fascinated by Huskies. The dog sledge is the oldest means of transport on earth. In 1995 I bought my first husky, meanwhile I already own 18 dogs. Since 2000 I do it on a professional basis and for 7 years I’ve been doing it full-time. As a certified hiking guide/winter hiking guide and certified musher I can take care of all programmes myself. This is important for me.

xnet:  Another matter that is near to your heart is your association „Husky Toni’s childhood dream“. What is it what you’re doing there?

Toni: I simply wanted to pass on something to other people. I actually have been offering therapies for children for 15 years – but only part-time. My association has been existing for almost three years and supports families with children suffering of leukaemia and cancer. Because of the many parallels with my own illness in my childhood it’s really important for me to enable these experiences with our huskies for sick children as a form of therapy

xnet:  And by receiving donations you make experiences of that kind possible for families in need?

Toni: Yes. The families in question simply don’t have the financial means for it. With the donations I can finance transfers, flights, food and accommodation – for example in my second husky camp in Sweden.

xnet: What if children are afraid of dogs?

Toni: (laughs) Right now I have a little boy in my camp in Sweden who was indeed afraid of dogs. Now he’s stroking and feeding them, straps the dogs in on his own and goes hiking with them. It’s unbelievable what positive effects the therapy with the animals actually has on the spiritual well-being of the kids.

xnet:  Your association is also a good option for CSR events (Corporate Social Responsibility Programme) for companies who want to make a difference in the village.

Toni:  Sustainable events are always special for us. There are many possibilities to support parents and children. Of course this always depends on the given objectives and the company philosophy. There are a number of possibilities.

xnet:  You always say that herd behaviour and companies have a lot in common. Could you explain that?

Toni: That’s true (laughs)! In general it’s just like the hierarchy of a company. The most intelligent dogs are leading the pack and are giving the direction. They are so to speak the managing directors and are positioned right in front. In the middle we have the department heads and right in the back, in front of the sledge, there are the dogs that prefer to be led and take less responsibility. I often try to place young dogs next to older ones so that they can learn from them, profit from their experience. If I consider a dog mature enough, he’s “promoted” and positioned further up front. If they can’t cope they show me and then move a little bit backwards again.

xnet:  This is really interesting! What would you like to pass on to the participants of your programme for their further challenges?

Toni: „Life is not there to be saved up.“ This is my motto. If everyone would do good to others the world would be a much better place! And if it’s only helping an elderly lady to use the crosswalk.

xnet:  We can only fully agree to you. Thank you for the interview, Toni. Stay the way you are!

Toni: Thank you! I look forward to further events with you!

Would you like to support families in need?

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