“The most beautiful valley end of the Eastern Alps” – that’s how the 670 year old Walser village, located at 1’000 m above sea level, is often referred to. The Lünersee Lake, lying at the foot of mount Scesaplana like a blue pearl and voted the most beautiful place of Austria in 2019, contributes significantly to that beauty. The “Walser village” dates back to the 14th century, when twelve Walser families settled there. Tourism in the Brandnertal Valley already started in the 19th century with the ascent of “Scesaplana”, the highest mountain in the “Rätikon”, a group of mountains in the Eastern Alps.

Brand is the origin of the rent a village by xnet® idea – here, not only the first but also most of the events so far have taken place. If a whole village with its 700 inhabitants comes together full of positive energy, every event is bound to be a big success!

Be it a multi-purpose hall integrated into the building complex of the „Romantik Hus“ dating back to 1890, in the wood construction style which is so typical for Vorarlberg and located in the very centre of the village, be it one of the local barns or the riding hall, an outdoor meeting at the „Natursprüngeweg“, a congress in the tennis hall or a more rustic “hut” evening in one of the local top mountain restaurants – professional hosts who really care for the wellbeing of theirs guests guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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