“Fels in der Brandung” (engl. rock in the waves) leaves marks in Trittenheim

In June 2017 the German insurance company “Württembergische Versicherung” selected the rent a village by xnet® village Trittenheim / Moselle as a venue for their management conference. Besides conveying specialist content it was the management’s personal wish to create a sustainable benefit for the village. With a Corporate Social Responsibility project in total 150 employees left their marks in Trittenheim.

Project: We make the “Moselsteig” look even more beautiful“

While a part of the employees used cobblestones to create a Moselsteig logo directly on the shores of the Moselle, another group built gabions on the “Konstantinhöhe” which now serve hikers as seating options with a wonderful view. A steel plate with the lettering „Moselsteig“ was installed directly in the resting area.

Two other groups took care of flora and fauna. With great diligence they created two rock fragment piles serving as a shelter for lizards and other animals. The two insect hotels are also something to proud of. They were filled with everything to be found in nature: bark, hay, fir cones, acorns and much more. What a joy when the first bee took refuge in the insect hotel after it had been completed!

This more than successful CSR campaign show once more how much the rent a village by xnet® concept stands out from customary event formats. The most amazing things are often the simple ones.

The mayor was also more than delighted about lasting effect of his guests‘ commitment and explicitly thanked the management in a personal letter.
You can count on our experience!

You can count on our experience!

If you also want to do something good, then come to our village. We’ll be happy to provide you with sustainable ideas – of course after consulting mayor, local associations and social institutions. With our advice and support based on our many years of expertise we lay the foundation for your successful event. You will be amazed to see how much energy and force you can develop as a team!

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