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The core of rent a village by xnet® lies in the hospitality – a relationship at eye level with a very special value, which is lived and implemented by the village and us.
This competence is unique, just like the people who make your event a success.


Barbara Ackermann

Fulfillment partner

The fascination with nature and originality and above all the skill to convey this to other people has brought her to rent a village by xnet®. Coupled with her many years of experience in the event and conference business for well-known companies and her love for detail, Barbara is your contact for the right choice of villages, the program, the artists and unusual implementation ideas.

Karl Schwärzler

CEO and Owner

Having grown up in the hotel industry and founder of the xnet agency for marketing village events, Karl is the host at rent a village by xnet® events, owner and managing director of xnet AG.

What our customers say

„You and your team have helped the event to great success at all times with great dedication and palpable passion. The cooperation with your team was very reliable, friendly and of high quality during and after the event.“ Read on
„We would like to thank you very much for your great organization and the uncomplicated cooperation at our” Family & Friends event for the 10th anniversary in Brandertal! What an event…“ Read on
„Dear Karl, you really have built an excellent and super professional team. All of the employees I met were so enthusiastic and committed to the task. Hats off!“ Read on
„We were very impressed by your high level of personal commitment combined with professional competence and authentic friendliness!“ Read on
„Each of our events was a complete success thanks to your professional planning and your competent and extremely committed implementation. You inspire us again and again with your creativity, your flexibility and your perseverance.“ Read on
„The cooperation with xnet was excellent and we had a lot of fun. A very competent team, which acted extremely flexible, supported us in the preparatory work, the implementation and the follow-up of the event.“ Read on

Questions and

We have organized rent a village events from 50 up to 1’200 (more are possible) participants. Usually the duration of these events is from 1 – 4 days, depending on your needs and goals.

All our villages make a living from tourism. Participants are living with hosts, who run establishments from bed & breakfast up to hotels.

This is different from village to village. Basically, we use all kinds of premises which have a certain standard like en-suite bathrooms and a standardized 4* breakfast. We also put high quality body-care sets in all rooms. All the premises are checked prior to arrival according to our criteria. From bed & breakfast, apartments, guest houses up to 5* Hotels. On special request we also integrate mountain huts.
Basically, all accommodations are located within walking distance of the event locations. This is one of the many charming peculiarities of this concept. In the end, it depends on the size of the group and the occupancy of the rooms. Depending on these facts it may also be possible to accommodate all participants in a single premises.
On one hand, the draw decides where you’ll stay and it’s really solidarity in practice if the boss sleeps in a bed & breakfast and the employee stays in the 5* hotel. On the other hand, in all accommodation a 4* breakfast is offered and all rooms have high quality vanity sets. You can check out all accommodations prior to the event during a site inspection.
In all our villages, you stay with hosts instead of anonymous hotels. The luck of the draw decides who stays where. If you arrive with buses you will get corresponding luggage tags to your drawn lot, which you will fix to your bags. While you enjoy the regional food of the welcome catering, we will take care of your luggage and transport it to your accommodation and on departure we will get it for you and put it on your bus.
The village sign bears your company’s name, street signs will show personalities or products from your company, an overhead banner welcomes your guest, all lamp posts will be flagged and you can use the existing flagpoles. But the most impressive branding will be an oversize torch logo on the way to the evening event. You can only find such exceptional branding possibilities with rent a village. Prior to the event you will get a detailed branding plan, showing all possibilities with measurements and location, so that you are able to produce everything on time. We will put your branding up and take everything down again when you are gone.
We have contractual agreements with the villages and we will attune your needs with them if you go beyond the branding plan. We are keen to arrange everything as it was prior to the event. The branding is only for the duration of the event.
This differs from village to village. You will find everything from the green meeting certified convention centre up to an Igloo on a glacier. You will find the details in the e-folders of our villages. But for sure, your messages will be communicated in a very impressive and sustainable way.
The villages Goldegg in Salzburg and Alpbach in Tyrol offer green meeting certified convention centres. We also have developed a code of practice for sustainable events together with green guides 2.0.
We are happy to research other destinations you have in mind or will propose you matching villages outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will talk to the authorities of these villages and check out the possibilities for you. Our experience and expertise gathered since 1996 guarantees that we can organize everything to your liking, also if the villages are outside the German speaking countries.